Does Taking Vitamin E Prevent Motor Neurone Disease?

There has been talking about how Vitamin E is really good for people who want to manage their symptoms of motor neurone disease. You will find that managing the various effects of your motor neurone disease becomes much easier by taking Vitamin E supplements.

This vitamin has got a lot of properties that can actually prevent motor neurone disease. There have been medical studies and experiments that have shown that Vitamin E has got concrete effects when it comes to preventing motor neurone disease. Other neurological diseases as well can also be prevented by taking Vitamin E.

Motor neurone disease has been linked to mitochondrial oxidative damage to your DNA. And this is where Vitamin E can help prevent the development of motor neurone disease. Vitamin E has got antioxidant properties. Your cells will get less damage from oxidative damage. And when your cells and DNA have less damage from oxidative processes, your chances of being at risk to motor neurone disease also becomes less as well. And studies have shown that taking Vitamin E can significantly lower your chances of developing motor neurone disease.

Studies on animals have shown that Vitamin E can slow down the onset of ALS. Animals that were experimented with Vitamin E, were less likely to develop ALS and motor neurone disease symptoms. These animals that were treated with Vitamin E also had delayed symptoms of ALS and motor neurone disease. So Vitamin could potentially help humans delay the effects of symptoms of ALS.

Vitamin E also has got cell reparative properties. It can encourage the healing and growth of many different cells of your body. This means that the brain cells that have already been damaged due to ALS or motor neurone disease may also potentially become healed when you take vitamin E supplements. The growth or regeneration of these damaged neurones could suddenly help you improve your cognitive and motor functions that have been damaged by motor neurone disease and ALS.

Another property that Vitamin E has is it is neuroprotective. This neuroprotective property means that your actual individual neurones and their connections are going to be protected from further degeneration. Motor neuron disease attacks your neurones and its connections. And one protection that you can try to have, is to take some kind of Vitamin E supplement. These kinds of vitamin supplements will be able to provide ample protection to your brain and its neurons.

There are other benefits of taking vitamin supplements that contain vitamin E. You should also try looking into other kinds of vitamin supplements as well. Supplements that contain Melatonin, Vitamin D, and similar ones are really good for helping your motor neurone disease. You must really also seek professional medical consultation if you desire to know more about vitamins and motor neurone disease.

ALS specialized doctors will heartily recommend taking vitamin supplements, especially supplements that contain Vitamin E. Professional medical advice is really going to help you understand which kinds of vitamins that you should be taking in order to deal with motor neurone disease.

What Are The Signs Of Motor Neurone Disease?

Are you worried that you may be at risk to developing motor neurone disease? That is a legitimate thing to be worried about. Developing motor neurone disease can seriously decrease the quality of any person’s life. You will find that if you do have motor neurone disease, your body will suddenly feel much weaker. And you slowly lose important functions of your body that really on muscles and body coordination. People with motor neurone disease could lose their ability to breathe and eat unassisted. However, in the early stages of developing motor neurone disease, the signs are not that dramatic. These are some subtle but definite signs that you may be developing motor neurone disease.

Harder to grip objects

The loss of neurones in your brain can cause your muscles to weaken. And one of the first muscles that can weaken is the one in your hand. People, who are at risk to developing motor neurone disease, can suddenly find it harder to grip objects. People will have a weaker grip overall because the muscles in their hands cannot simply close all the way. If you struggle with gripping objects, you may be at risk to motor neurone disease.

Lifting arms is difficult

Lifting your arms takes the coordination of a lot of muscles. And when you are in the early stages of motor neurone disease, you will find that it is harder to lift your arms up. This can be caused by the weakening of the primary arm muscles that are located in the shoulder. When those muscles weaken, due to the effects of motor neurone disease, it is harder to lift the arms up.

Limp or dragging of leg

As your neurones slowly die off due to motor neurone disease, the muscles in your leg can also weaken. These weakened leg muscles can cause you to have a limp or make your drag your leg. Walking properly takes a lot of muscles. And when enough of your neurones die off, controlling all of those essential leg muscles becomes difficult.

Slurred speech

Speech is another body function that can be affected by motor neurone disease. Whenever you develop slurring or stuttering of speech, when you previously had none before, you should probably get checked for some kind of neurological disease.

Shortness of breath

Muscles contract around your lungs to take in air. And when those muscles become weakened it becomes harder to breathe. Therefore, if you find that it is harder to breathe all of a sudden, one cause could be a developing neurone disease.

Whenever you see any of these symptoms, you should go to a doctor right away. They may be able to prescribe you medications or health supplements that could lessen the impact of these effects of developing motor neurone disease. Taking vitamin supplements could also help you improve the strength of your muscles and also help you fight off the degeneration of your brain’s neurones. Therefore, you should seriously consider looking into taking mental health supplements, if you see any signs of developing motor neurone disease.

What Are Some Vitamins To Fight Motor Neurone Disease?

Motor neurone disease is a particularly problematic condition that can seriously hamper your quality of life. You will slowly waste away as you lose control over your body’s muscles. So you should take some supplements that may help you combat motor neurone disease. When you take these kinds of vitamin supplements, you should be able to reduce the amount of chance that you will have to develop motor neurone disease. So taking these supplements could help you alleviate some of your problems when it comes to motor neurone disease.

CoQ1- This enzyme known as CoQ10 could actually offer protection to your neurones. This coenzyme may protect your neurones from oxidative damage from your cell’s mitochondria. This means that if you take this kind of vitamin supplement daily, you will be able to better protect your neurones from normal damage. It has been shown that mitochondrial oxidative damage is the cause of DNA damage, which can be linked to motor neurone disease. You can take CoQ10 supplements daily if you want to get the protection that you want from it.

Melatonin – Normally melatonin is used to aid with sleep, but research has shown that it can also be used as a supplement for fighting against the effects of motor neurone disease. You could take melatonin supplements once every day, to aid in both sleep and brain functions. Melatonin is great at combating the degenerative effects of ALS because it is an antioxidant.

Vitamin D – Vitamin D is also another excellent vitamin supplement that you can use to combat motor neurone disease. It has got numerous properties that make it perfect as a vitamin supplement to increase cognitive functions. You will find that it has got anti-inflammatory properties, antioxidant properties, and even neuroprotective properties as well. All of these properties of Vitamin D make it excellent at combating the various effects of Motor Neurone disease

Creatine – Neurone loss in those suffering from ALS is the primary cause of the problems that they face. By taking creatine supplements you may be able to slow down or even halt that neurone loss. You should take creatine supplements if you want to preserve your motor functions. Creatine can help the survival of your other neurones in your brain, thus ensuring that your motor performance remains the same. You should be taking creatine with combinations of minocycline or celecoxib, to enhance its effects.

If you want the full benefits of these vitamin supplements to combat motor neurone disease, you had better have a talk with a medical professional. While all of these vitamin supplements are generally good for your health, you will need to take the proper dosage of these. Supplements, such as melatonin, have side effects such as sleepiness and drowsiness. You should talk with a doctor or medical professional because they will be able to tell you the proper dosage for yourself, thus reducing the risks but maximizing the potential benefits that you can gain from it. So whenever you want to combat the effects of motor neurone disease, you can just try taking some of these vitamins or health supplements.

5 Vitamins Which Are Great For People With ALS

Scientists and doctors have long been studying the mysteries of motor neurone disease. And while there has been no known cause of ALS or motor neurone disease, there have been other discoveries as well. In studies that have been conducted, various kinds of vitamins have been shown to prevent motor neurone disease, and even boost brain and cognitive processes as well. A lot of these kinds of supplements and vitamins on this list will have some kind of brain boosting or cognitive enhancing property.

And by regularly taking these supplements in conjunction with the right combination of vitamins and nutrients, you may also be able to prevent the onset of ALS as well. So try looking for supplements that contain some or all of these vitamins and minerals. You could really better deal with your ALS symptoms with the help of these.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E has got many properties that make it great for overall body and brain functions. Its main property that helps with ALS and degradation of neurones is that it is a powerful antioxidant. And ALS and neurone disease are potentially caused by damaging oxidative processes in your cells and DNA. Therefore by taking some kind of vitamin E supplement, you are able to reduce your chances of developing ALS.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is another antioxidant that also helps with various symptoms of ALS and motor neurone diseases. Vitamin D is excellent because it has got properties that also protect your neurones as well. So in combination with Vitamin E, this nutrient can actually prevent more of your neurones from degrading.


Melatonin has been found to have properties that can help improve memory and other brain functions. So the other aspects of ALS such as a decrease in cognitive abilities could be combated through the use of melatonin. As an added bonus, melatonin also works really effectively as a sleep aid too.


Creatine is really good at preventing the loss of neurones due to some kind of neurological disease. It can protect your neurological connections and cells, and even encourage the growth of news ones.


This chemical can stimulate the brain in a lot of ways. And when your brain is stimulated, it is able to grow and form new connections. Your memory is enhanced and your motor functions are also preserved if you take some kind of supplement that contains Vinpocetine.

You can take a lot of these vitamins through supplements. Supplements that contain one or more of these kinds of vitamins are really beneficial. And it could be a good idea to take some of these supplements if you are suffering from ALS. You should always consult a doctor beforehand, though. Those doctors that you consult will be able to prescribe you the correct dosage as well as the right kind of vitamin to take. And in addition to that, they will also help you better manage the other symptoms of your ALS as well. If you have got some kind of degenerative neurological disorder then you may find a lot of benefits from taking vitamin supplements, which can boost brain and motor functions.

Can modafinil treat ALS?

Modafinil is widely used to treat disorders like narcolepsy, obstructive sleep disorder and shift work sleep disorder. It is also used as an adjunct in psychiatric disorders where it exerts its effect by elevating mood of the patient. The mechanism by which modafinil works has been unknown for years; but recent researches suggest that it exerts its action by blocking reuptake of dopamine at Dopamine transporter (DAT transporter) in specific regions of the brain called as thalamus, hypothalamus and hippocampus. But, this is not the only mechanism by which modafinil works; recent researches have proved its effectiveness in neurological disorders such as multiple sclerosis and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS).

ALS is one of the most common neuromuscular degenerative diseases in the world. It affects men more than the women and individuals above 60 years of age are particularly at risk of contracting the disease. It is a rapidly progressive and fatal neurodegenerative disease of the upper and lower motor neurons; the part of the nervous system that control your muscles.

The interesting thing about ALS is that it spares the sensory systems and intelligence remains intact. Motor system is affected at three levels

  • Corticospinal and corticobulbar pathways (fibres from brain to spinal cord and brainstem called as upper motor neurons)
  • Anterior horn cells of spinal cord (Fibres from your spinal cord that control muscles)
  • Motor neurons of lower cranial nerves( fibres from brainstem that control important functions such swallowing and speech)

The pathophysiology of the disease is not clear. But recent developments point towards SOD1 gene mutation that leads to damaged glutamate uptake channels in the astrocytes. This leads to excessive glutamate accumulation at neuronal junctions leading to cell death. Studies have shown that environment plays a significant role in such mutations. One such study was carried out in the veterans deployed to 1991 gulf war and they had higher propensity to develop the disease.

Patients with ALS present clinically with subtle signs first such as fasciculation, cramps and stiff muscles. These signs may be overlooked by the patient at first. But as the disease progresses, the symptoms become more severe such as muscle weakness, slurred and nasal speech, simple tasks need focus and attention e.g. turning the key in the car, buttoning up the shirt etc. Symptoms may start from the limbs or face. Eventually all voluntary muscles are affected and in the late stages, breathing becomes difficult and patient may die of respiratory failure.

Modafinil has been used successfully in ALS patients to reduce fatigue. Fatigue is a late feature in patients suffering from amytrophic lateral sclerosis, and modafinil works wonders when it comes to reducing exhaustion and fatigue. This response of modafinil is attributed to increased neuronal excitation in ventral anterior nucleus of thalamus. This part of the thalamus is involved in modulating the motor activity and receives input fibres from the basal ganglia. Thalamus processes this information and sends information back to basal ganglia via cortex. Modafinil reinforces this circuit of controlling motor activity. It increases the activity of neurons inside the brain, which in turn excites the residual upper and lower motor neurons. The remaining neurons are excited more often and with greater intensity, resulting in better motor activity and less fatigue. You can buy modafinil from pharmacy or online stores like Duckdose.Org and use twice daily. The safe dosage is 300 mg, taken twice daily.

Against a popular belief that modafinil exerts its effect by reinforcing dopamine pathways in the brain, anti-dopaminergic drugs such as tyrosine hydroxylase, fail to reverse its effects. This means that there are other mechanisms also by which modafinil exerts its effects. One such lesser known effect is seen in spinal cord, where it has been shown to increase the activity of upper and lower motor neurons in persons suffering from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. May be modafinil restores function of SOD1 gene on of astrocytes in the spinal cord. This gene when working properly, clears away glutamate released from upper motor neuron released during each action potential. Astrocytes with dysfunctional SOD1 gene lead to toxic build-up of glutamate in synaptic cleft. By increasing the activity of SOD1 gene, modafinil decreases the glutamate concentrations and hence prevents neuronal degeneration. Not only does it prevent further neuronal degeneration, it also helps in regeneration of already damaged neurons. These effects of modafinil are the reason patient improves in its motor activity with long term use of modafinil. Muscle weakness and speech improves significantly and patient feels stronger. The social and working life of patient improves with the passage of time.

Depression is a common symptom among ALS patients, as their intelligence is not affected and are well aware of their condition. They understand about their disease but are unable to do anything about it. This leads to psychiatric depression in such patients. In addition to improving the motor symptoms, modafinil helps alleviate depression in such patients by increasing dopamine levels in the brains and also possibly by histamine release.

At this time, there is no definitive cure for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, but drugs like modafinil can help prolong life of the patient to some extent and reduce their misery. You can buy modafinil and use it twice a day, but a multi-disciplinary approach is required. Limb stiffness can be treated with anti-spastic agents like baclofen and diaorrheae can be treated with anticholinergics or sympathomimetics. Ventilaory support is required in later stages of the disease. Speech therapy is required due to weakness of muscles involved in speaking like laryngeal muscles. Such patients also have difficulty in their swallowing problems and the role of dietician is also very important.

Summarizing the above discussion, modafinil has emerged as an important drug in the treatment of Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. It exerts its action by decreasing glutamate levels in the spinal cord, which are involved in neuronal destruction. It helps reduce fatigue and weakness associated with ALS. When combined with other approaches to symptomatic treatment, it can help improve quality of life of the patient and increase survival rates of some years.


Can Vitamin Supplements Really Help With Motor Neurone Disease?

A lot of research still needs to be done about motor neurone disease and ALS. And while there is no cure for these kinds of neurological disease yet, there are definitely some supplements that you can take in order to decrease the chances of developing these diseases. You can try taking these vitamins in order to lessen the debilitating effects of motor neurone disease. Taking supplements is a great way to combat that kind of problem because you are able to improve a lot of your body’s and brain’s health. Vitamins can definitely have a significant impact on whether or not you actually do develop motor neurone disease.

These vitamins can stimulate brain and body functions. When you have got motor neurone disease, your brain still needs to get stimulated. This is because a lot of stimulation in your brain can actually cause many of its neurones to slowly die off. Taking certain kinds of vitamin supplements can increase brain activity and blood flow to certain areas of your brain. This can improve memory and stave off the loss of neurological connections in your brain. And by stimulating brain activity, you could actually also improve your memory and other cognitive abilities as well.

Supplements can provide important nutrients to your body and brain. These nutrients that are found in many vitamin supplements are able to encourage the growth of your brain. Your brain could form new neurological connections if you just take some kind of health supplement. Memory, motor, and other kinds of brain functions can improve. Therefore, by taking some kind of health supplement you could reduce the effects of motor neurone disease to your body. When you take the right kinds of health supplements, your muscles will not be as weakened, and your mind will still be sharp, even when you have some kind of neurological disease.

Studies have been done that have proven the beneficial effects of vitamins to neurological processes. Vitamins E and D have got powerful antioxidant characteristics. And these vitamins are able to stop the damage to your DNA from mitochondrial oxidative processes. Therefore, you can take supplements to provide more protection to your neurones. Whenever you do take vitamins regularly, the effects on your neurones is really good. A lot of your neurones can be saved if you just take some kind of vitamin supplement.
In order for you to get the benefits of motor neurone disease prevention, you will have to take the proper amount and types of vitamins. You could try talking to a health professional to get their advice on what to take if you need to fight motor neurone disease. You will need to know the right dosage if you want to take these supplements safely. There are some health supplements, such as melatonin, that have got side effects. While melatonin can stimulate brain functions, it can also cause you to feel drowsy as a side effect. So to be safe, you should always consult a doctor when you want to take vitamin supplements.

What Can You Do To Lower The Risk Of Motor Neurone Disease?

There are many people at risk to motor neurone disease, and they just do not know it yet. And motor neurone disease is something that should always be watched out for, because of its effects are particularly debilitating. People could suddenly lose a lot of their most basic motor functions due to this disease.

People will find it harder to eat, move or even breathe in air. So as you can see, you probably do not want to develop motor neurone disease. There are certain activities that you can do in order to lower the risk that you have to motor neurone disease.

You should try these activities out if you want to lower your risk to motor neurone disease.

Take vitamin supplements.

Vitamin supplements are also a great way to reduce the risk of motor neurone disease. There are many properties of dozens of different kinds of vitamins supplements. They can protect your neurones from further damage, and vitamins may even prevent you losing your motor functions as well. You should do your own research about what kinds of vitamins to take in order to combat motor neurone disease because there are different kinds of vitamins. And you will also need to learn about what kind of dosage of these vitamins to take.

Get checked regularly.

The earlier that you are able to spot motor neurone disease, the easier it will be to fight. You should also get medically checked really regularly if you want to catch the early signs of motor neurone disease. Doctors will know the signs to watch out for, so going to a doctor regularly will help you to catch any signs of ALS or motor neurone disease. And when you know that you are particularly at risk to these kinds of neurological disease, you can simply just take steps in order to lessen their effects. 

Lead a healthy lifestyle

Eating a healthy diet, and doing regular physical exercise can help immensely if you want to preserve your cognitive functions and stave away the risk of motor neurone disease. Physical exercise can increase cognitive functions and stimulate brain development. And you may actually also boost your mood as well. When you exercise your brain secretes neurochemicals that can combat the effects of different kinds of illnesses. Eating the right kinds of foods also helps you brain a lot. This is because healthy foods contain essential nutrients that are integral to your brain’s health.
These are just some of the things that you can do in order to lower the chances of you developing motor neurone disease. You should take the steps that are necessary if you want to avoid getting progressively worse when you have got ALS or motor neurone disease. Even those who already have ALS will be able to benefit from doing these kinds of activities. This is because by taking vitamins and leading a healthy lifestyle, those who have ALS will be able to lessen its effects. And they may be able to actually stop the degenerative effects of motor neurone disease.

6 Symptoms Of Development Of motor Neurone Disease

If you are worried about motor neurone disease, you are right to be. You could have a family history of motor neurone disease then there are also high chances that you are going to develop this kind of neurological disease as well.

You should really try to spot the symptoms of motor neurone disease as early as possible. By spotting these symptoms while they are still early, you will have more time to deal with managing these symptoms of motor neurone disease. For example, you could take vitamin supplements, in order to manage the early symptoms of a neurological disease.


You will feel more tired in your muscles, if you are in the process of developing motor neurone disease. This is because your muscles become weaker due to this neurological disease.

Muscle cramps

As your brain loses control of your muscles, you will get more muscles cramps. This is because random firing of your neurones could suddenly make your muscles spasm or clench even when they are not supposed to, or when you did not intend them too. Sudden onset of random muscle cramps, could be a symptom of motor neurone disease.

Weak arms

The weakening of your muscles could also make it harder to lift your arms as well. You may find that it is more difficult to keep your arms raised. Shoulder muscles become overall weaker could be one possible symptom of a neurological problem.

Weak grip

Motor neurone disease can also affect the muscles of your hand. The disease can make your grip lose its strength and also make it harder to hold certain objects. This neurological disease could actually make it hard for you to close your hand fully.

Slurred speech

Another bodily function that is affected by motor neuron disease is speech. So this can cause the symptom of slurring of your speech. You will suddenly find it hard to speak certain kinds of words. And you will find that speaking clearly becomes harder. When your neurons start to die off, your speech also becomes more slurred.

Development of a limp

The weakening of muscles in your legs, feet and ankles can also cause a limp to develop. Motor neurone disease can actually make walking much harder in the long run. Your foot becomes harder to lift and also more difficult to move around. The onset of a limp is another symptom of this disease.

Whenever you do notice these symptoms in your own body, you should try to visit a doctor as soon as possible. A doctor will probably prescribe you medications and vitamin supplements to take. Vitamin supplements are really amazing at helping you manage these symptoms of motor neuron disease. You are absolutely going to get a lot of great benefits from trying out vitamin supplements. Mangaging these symptoms of motor neuron disease, are made so much easier if you just try out some vitamin supplements. You will find that your motor functions will improve or even remain the same, by taking some additional supplements of vitamins.

What Can You Do To Prevent Motor Neurone Disease?

When you get motor neurone disease, it is a slow process. First, you may notice that you suddenly feel more tired often. And you may even have difficulty moving certain parts of your body such as when you are lifting your arms. You may even find that it is hard to walk for long periods of time. You could even start to lose some of your basic body functions as well, you may have a hard time chewing your food and even talking clearly.

All of these may even lead to death as your body’s motor functions cease because of the disintegration of your neural connections due to this neurological illness.

The effect of motor neurone disease is pretty horrible then. You would probably want to know some kind of way that you could try out in order to prevent those effects happening to your own brain and body.

If you are looking for some kind of method that could help prevent the development of motor neurone disease, you may want to try looking into vitamin supplements. Supplements, which contain the right kinds of vitamins, are extremely effective at increasing a number of neurones that you have. Vitamins contain nutrients and other properties that are very good for the growth of more neurones in your brain.

These vitamins, when taken regularly and in the right dosage, will actually be able to encourage the growth of your brain. Thus, if you fear losing neurones due to some kind of degenerative neurological disease, you can take vitamins such as Vinpocetine. Vitamins such as those are also able to prevent further damage to your neurones, thus preserving them. So by taking these kinds of vitamins, you not only reduce your chances of developing motor neurone disease, you will also be able to improve your current symptoms as well.

In addition to helping you with managing the effects of motor neurone disease, these vitamins also have a whole lot of other positive effects on your health as well. One kind of supplement, which is melatonin, can actually help not only with your neurological health but also your sleep as well. Melatonin can be used as a sleep aid, and it is naturally occurring so there are no severe adverse effects when you take melatonin to combat insomnia and motor neurone disease.

Vitamins are also great at boosting your other body functions, aside from your neurological health. You can improve memory, muscle strength, concentration and other kinds of mental and cognitive functions when you take the proper kind of vitamin supplements.

Vitamin supplements are the best kind of prevention to motor neurone disease. They are overall very healthy so you can get a bunch of great beneficial effects to your body. They also work because studies have shown the neuroprotective properties of these kinds of vitamins. And you will also find them easy to take since most vitamin supplements are quite affordable.

Consult with your doctor or primary care provider if you need more details about what kinds of vitamins that you should take for preventing and managing motor neuron disease.

What Is Motor Neuron Disease Caused By?

There are many theories that have been put forth trying to explain the causes of motor neurone disease. And while there have been so many studies done and currently being conducted on motor neurone disease, there has been no exact finding that has traced the root cause of motor neurone disease.

All of the experiments that have been done have not found an exact reason for the onset of motor neurone disease. And while all of these studies have not shown an exact cause, other studies have shown that taking vitamin supplements can actually prevent or help prevent the effects of motor neuron disease.


A genetic cause of motor neurone disease is thought to be the most likely cause of this neurological problem. This is because it has been found that people suffering from a motor neurone disease also have family relations who also have got the same disease. Around 10% of people who have got motor neurone disease also have family relations who have some form of motor neurone disease as well. So looking through your family tree could be one way that you can determine if you are at risk of getting motor neurone disease.

If you do find some family member that has got motor neurone disease, you may want to take steps to prevent that same disease. This is because there is a very likely chance that you are going to develop motor neurone disease as well.


There are many environmental factors that can affect the onset of motor neurone disease. And because there are so many factors that could be causing motor neurone disease, it is hard to pin down which exact cause is the right one. The brain is also really complex and this makes it harder to find how various environmental factors are affecting your brain’s neurones. One theory that has been put forward is a viral problem of some sort.

Viruses could be affecting your brain’s neurones and this could actually cause your neurones to slowly die off as well. However, no single virus has yet been shown to be the cause of neurone degradation. Toxins and chemicals have also been studied in relation to motor neurone disease. It has been theorized that motor neurone disease could be caused by various chemicals that are harmful to your brain. Many of these theorized chemicals are toxins and pollutants that are found in our air, water, and food.

These are the strongest theories about what could be the true causes of motor neurone disease. A lot of experiments and studies are still being done on what these factors truly are affecting people with motor neurone disease. However, there are definitely a lot of studies that have been done on vitamins that can prevent the onset of motor neurone disease. Vitamin supplements, such as Vitamin E, can actually delay the onset of motor neuron disease. There has been a test done on mice that have been treated with Vitamin E. And the effects of this study have shown the positive effect on mice with motor neurone disease.